2.1.19 - Changelog

2.1.19 - 5/20/2021


  • Added HeadDatabase support. Read more: HERE.

  • Changed method for perform command to allow other plugins who don't register commands via spigot to work.

  • Added option to run join items async, or not async.

  • Added option to toggle food change.

  • Added option to change join gamemode.

Config Changes

Add this to your settings.yml

#Should JoinItems be given async (DO NOT CHANGE UNLESS YOU KNOW WHAT THIS MEANS)
#What gamemode should players be when they join? SURVIVAL, CREATIVE, ADVENTURE

Edit the options section of your settings.yml to this

break-blocks: false
place-blocks: false
explosions: false
item-drop: false
item-pickup: false
monster-spawn: false
animal-spawn: false
damage: false
fall: false
chat-use: true
weather-change: false
no-death-tp: false
food-change: false