2.1.24 - Changelog

2.1.24 - 9/29/2021

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  • Fixed an issue where glow would not function correctly on 1.17 servers.
  • Simplified checks for versions.
  • When FateHub hooks into Portal it will now state in console.
  • When the are you using a fork message appears, it will now state where to disable it.
  • The type of queue (Default or Portal) will now display on queue registered messages.
  • Cleaned up some redundant code.
  • Error when setting invalid Ender Butt mode is now more clear.
  • Made MizuAPI auto download messages clearer.
  • Select core in cores.yml message is no longer red and will just state that the default system is enabled.

Planned Upcoming Changes

  • Recoded command system.
  • Requests.
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