2.1.3 - Changelog

2.1.3 - 12/4/2020


  • Remade the speed system to not use potions (BGHDDEV-9)

  • Added right click interaction blocks to config (BGHDDEV-10)

  • Added back Pink armor color to the wiki (BGHDDEV-25)

  • Added support for lCore (BGHDDEV-29)

  • Added support for KirkuCore (BGHDDEV-30)


  • Fixed issue with join sound being 2F rather then 2 in the config. (BGHDDEV-12)

  • Fixed issue with fly always being enabled if double jump was disabled. (BGHDDEV-27)

  • Fixed issue where lore would not show in the /gadgetsmenu command. (BGHDDEV-26)

  • Made more inv.bypass changes to ignore creative fully (BGHDDEV-11)

Config Changes

Please add this to your settings.yml

#Players will be blocked from interacting with these blocks. Please use the Material name not ID's.

Please modify the JOINSPEED part of your config to the following

#Toggles the speed on join.
ENABLED: false
#The level is not based on potions but on the Spigot #setWalkSpeed method. All values must be between 0 and 1. Default .6