2.1.0 - Changelog

2.1.0 - 11/22/2020

Make sure to make the config changes or issues may occur.

Why 2.1.0? This release has been tested a lot and I feel like the plugin is in the place to finally start the next group of updates 2.1.x.


  • Updated ZoomAPI to latest version.

  • Option to toggle spawn every join.

  • Option to toggle EnderButt.

  • Recoded double jump. You now must hit the ground and can no longer spam jumps.

  • Recoded how fly is handled.

  • Made it so users could not use the EnderButt or Firework gadgets without being on the ground.


  • Double jump now checks if the player is in creative.

  • Made many changes to how /fly works to hopefully fix issues people were having. Note: If you switch between gamemodes you still need to do /fly once back in survival.

  • Fixed issue where if you disabled fly you could not double jump.

  • Fixed issue where if you changed gamemodes them back to survival you could not double jump.

  • Fixed issues with author tags not displaying correct names.

  • If fly is enabled and the user has the permission they will fly when joining without having to run /fly.

Config Changes

Add this to your settings.yml

#Should EnderButt be enabled? Disabling will disable the ability to use it!
ender-butt-enabled: true
#Should players be teleported to the set spawn on every join?

Planned new features in 2.1.x updates

  • Backup world system

  • More Core integrations

  • Skulls and glow in menus

  • Slot selection on join

  • Join sound effect

  • Double jump particles