Custom Menu Item Data
Have you ever wanted to add custom item data for your menu items? Well, now you can!
If you have never used custom item data before read over this thread:
Custom Model Data tutorial + example pack - Changing the model of an item

Adding To Menus

You must be using Spigot 1.14+ to use this feature.
There are two steps to using a custom data item within your menu.

Step 1

Add the following to the item
customData: true

Step 2

Add the following to the item
customModelData: YOURIDHERE

Example Item

This is an example item (Golden Apple) with the custom model data of 1234567.
name: "&e&nUHC&b &7| &cSeason I"
material: "GOLDEN_APPLE"
durability: 0
slot: 16
amount: 1
customData: true
customModelData: 1234567
enabled: false
text: "&eHello &b<player>!"
enabled: true
#Put command without /
execute: "joinqueue uhc"
action: ""
- ""
- " &7* &6Version&7: &e1.7.x - 1.8.x"
- " &7* &6Online&7: &e{online-uhc}"
- " &7* &6Status&7: &e{status-uhc}"
- " &7* &6In-Queue&7: &e{queued-uhc}"
- ""
- "&eClick to join the &6&lUHC &equeue&7."
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