World Backup System


Starting from FateHubCore version 2.1.26, you have the ability to set a world that is automatically reloaded each time the server starts. Please note that enabling this feature requires careful consideration and taking backups of your world beforehand is strongly recommended.


Note: This will make it so no changes that you make will save while in-game. You must modify the world outside the server and enter it in as defined below.

Navigate to your \plugins\FateHubCore folder.

Place your desired world file into the FateHubCore folder. (make sure it's named "world")

Delete the session.lock and uid.dat files to prevent any potential loading issues.

Open the settings.yml file located in the FateHubCore folder.

Locate the following section:

  ENABLED: false
  WORLDNAME: world

Modify it to:

  ENABLED: true
  WORLDNAME: world

Note: It is recommended to keep the WORLDNAME as "world", but you can adjust it as needed. If you do modify the world name from the default, make sure to adjust your spawn point within FateHub accordingly.

Start and stop the server once. During the first startup, you may encounter some errors, but that is expected.

Upon the next server restart, you should see the following message:

This indicates that the world reset feature is successfully enabled and will reload the specified world every time the server starts.

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