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Menu & Item Actions

FateHub includes an action option for join items and menus. These actions are not commands but rather methods within FateHub that can be triggered. Below is a comprehensive list of available actions.

Action List

  • {openmenu:menu-name}: Opens the specified menu defined by the user in the menus.yml configuration file.
  • {bungeesend:ServerName}: Sends the clicking player directly to the specified server without going through the queue.
  • {playerbalancer:ServerName}: Sends the clicking player to the specified section defined in PlayerBalancer.
  • gadgets: Opens the gadget menu for the player.
  • firework: Triggers the firework gadget.
  • enderbutt: Triggers the ender butt gadget.
  • players_on: Turns on player visibility.
  • players_off: Turns off player visibility.