The messages.yml file is the home for changeable messages within FateHub!

Last Updated: 5/8/22

Default Config File

NOTICE: '#To disable any of these messages set the line to none'
prefix: '&7[&9FateHub&7]'
spawn-set: '&aYou have updated spawn location to your location.'
  NON-APPLIED: '&cYou don''t have any gadgets applied.'
  REMOVED: '&aYou''ve removed your active gadget.'
  APPLIED: '&aYou have applied &b<gadget> &agadget.'
  INVALID: '&cGadget with name ''&c&l<name>&c'' doesn''t exists.'
  NO-PERM: '&cYou don''t have access to &b<gadget> &cgadget.'
  PAUSED: '&eQueue for &6<server> &eis currently paused. Please wait!'
  JOINED: '&eYou''ve joined the queue for &a<server>&e.'
  LEFT: '&eYou''ve left the queue for &a<server>&e.'
  NOT-QUEUED: '&cYou''re not currently queued.'
  ALREADY-QUEUED: '&cYou''re already in a queue.'
  INVALID-SERVER: '&cQueue for that server doesn''t exists'
  PAUSED-BY-PLAYER: '&eYou''ve &a<option> &equeue for &b<server>'
  HIGHER-PRIORITY-JOINED: '&eSomeone with higher priority just joined your queue.'
HEIGHT-LIMIT: '&cYou have been teleported to spawn due to reaching the height limit!'
Y-LIMIT: '&cYou have been teleported to spawn due to reaching the Y limit!'
PLAYER-VISIBILITY-COOLDOWN: '&cYou can''t use this action for another &c&l<time>&c.'
PLAYER-VISIBILITY-TOGGLED-ON: '&7You have toggled player visibility on.'
PLAYER-VISIBILITY-TOGGLED-OFF: '&7You have toggled player visibility off.'
SENDING-TO-SERVER: '&aSending you to <server>..'
CANT-USE-CHAT: '&cYou don''t have permission to chat on this server.'
CANT-USE-GADGET: '&cYou must be on the ground and not sneaking to use this!'
SOUND-TOGGLE-ON: '&cYou have toggled hub sounds on!'
SOUND-TOGGLE-OFF: '&cYou have toggled hub sounds off!'
SCOREBOARD-TOGGLE-ON: '&cYou have toggled hub scoreboard on!'
SCOREBOARD-TOGGLE-OFF: '&cYou have toggled hub scoreboard off!'
CANT-BREAK: '&cYou cannot break blocks here!'
CANT-PLACE: '&cYou cannot place blocks here!'
CANT-DROP: '&cYou cannot drop items here!'
CANT-PICKUP: '&cYou cannot pickup items here!'
FLY-TOGGLED-ON: '&eYou have toggled flight on!'
FLY-TOGGLED-OFF: '&eYou have toggled flight off!'
NO-CONSOLE: '&cYou cannot use this command as console!'
RELOAD: '&cReloading FateHub... Please restart if possible...'
RELOADED: '&aReloaded FateHub in <ms> ms!'
NO-PERMISSION: '&cNo Permission!'
BUILDMODE-ON: '&aYou have enabled build mode!'
BUILDMODE-OFF: '&cYou have disabled build mode!'
BUILDMODE-ON-OTHER: '&aYou have enabled build mode for <player>!'
BUILDMODE-OFF-OTHER: '&cYou have disabled build mode for <player>!'
BUILDMODE-ERROR: '&cThat player could not be found!'

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