The cores.yml file allows you to change the current hooked core.

Last Updated: 2/17/2021

Default Config File

#Below are all the cores that FateHub supports. You may also always just use PlaceholderAPI.
#If you enable a hook and the plugin is not on the server an error will occur.
Vault: false
LuckPerms: false
Core: false
Atom: false
AquaCore: false
#Requires MizuAPI from
Mizu: false
Root: false
Neutron: false
mCore: false
nCore: false
Chronium: false
HestiaCore: false
StarkCore: false
qUtilities: false
tModsuite: false
Galaxy: false
Zoom: false
Kriku: false
lCore: false
Ocean: false
Stark_5: false
Scandium: false