Commands & Permissions

This page is frequently updated! Please check back to see the latest changes.
Last Update: 5/16/2023


  • /joinqueue <queuename> - Allows players to join a specific queue. (No permission required)
  • /leavequeue - Allows players to leave the current queue. (No permission required)
  • /pausequeue <queuename> - Allows moderators to pause the queue system. (Permission required: hub.pausequeue)
  • /fly - Enables or disables fly mode for the player. (Permission required: hub.command.fly)
  • /gadget <name> - Equips a gadget for the player. (No permission required)
  • /hubcore reload - Reloads the FateHub core plugin. (Permission required: hub.reload)
  • /setspawn - Sets the spawn point for the hub. (Permission required: hub.command.setspawn)
  • /spawn - Teleports the player to the hub spawn point. (Permission required: hub.command.spawn)
  • /joinserver <servername> [player] - Allows players to join a specific server. (Permission required: hub.command.joinserver)
  • /openmenu <menu> - Opens a specific menu for the player. (Permission required: hub.command.openmenu)
  • /opengadgetmenu - Opens the gadget menu for the player. (No permission required)
  • /sound - Plays a sound for the player. (Permission required: hub.command.sound)
  • /scoreboard - Manages the scoreboard settings. (Permission required: hub.command.scoreboard)
  • /playervis - Toggles player visibility. (Permission required: hub.command.playervis)
  • /prefs - Opens the preferences menu for the player. (No permission required)
  • /build (/buildmode) - Toggles build mode for the player. (Permission required: hub.command.build)

Other Permissions:

  • queue.priority.1-50 - Grants priority access to specific queues. (1 being the highest)
  • queue.bypass - Bypasses all queue restrictions.
  • queue.bypass.servername - Bypasses the queue for a specific server.
  • hub.bypass.vis - Bypasses player visibility toggles.
  • hub.options.bypass.drop - Bypasses item dropping restrictions.
  • hub.options.bypass.pick - Bypasses item picking up restrictions.
  • hub.options.bypass.chat - Bypasses chat restrictions.
  • fatehub.inv.bypass - Bypasses inventory move restrictions.
  • fatehub.fly - Automatically enables fly mode on join.
  • fatehub.reload - Displays a reload message when attempting to run /reload.
  • hub.bypass.vis - Bypasses player hider.
  • fatehub.interact.bypass - Bypasses the interaction block list.
  • fatehub.update - Shows the update message when joining the server.
  • hub.gadgets.NAME - Grants access to a specific gadget. Replace NAME with the name of the gadget. (Example: hub.gadgets.hearts)