2.1.8 - Changelog

2.1.8 - 1/14/2021


  • New console messages are much cleaner. (BGHDDEV-152)

  • License messages have been remade to be more clear when a license is blacklisted. (BGHDDEV-151)

  • Only users with fatehub.reload will now see the denied message when using /reload. (BGHDDEV-150)

  • New Command: /openmenu <menu> Permission: hub.command.openmenu (BGHDDEV-124)

  • No permission message added to the messages.yml (BGHDDEV-148)

  • Console error message added to messages.yml (BGHDDEV-148)


  • Many backend changes to just make the plugin function better. (BGHDDEV-152, 151)

  • Remade a bunch of the commands to function correctly and display descriptions in /help. (BGHDDEV-124)

Config Changes

New messages have been added to the messages.yml but will automatically generate.